Goat Yoga Animal Assisted Therapy/Activity

As featured on ABC Goat Yoga turned Animal Therapy

Hi, we are Sergii and Svetlana Mitin, founders of Mitin Grove. It is an ecological, ethical goat farm and olive grove. Our principles are the limitation of carbon footprint, protection of natural resources, use local products and services, NIL wastage, recycling or upcycling, high animal welfare standards. I have been involved with animals for over 30 years now. During that time I rehabilitated and rehomed domestic animals, cared for and released wildlife. One of my specialties is bird care, rehabilitation and husbandry. But goats are my passion. As well as ethical and ecological farming.
We will meet in the olive grove and introduce you to our animals that participate in Goat Therapy.  Guests can feed kids (baby goats) and goats if desired.  We will talk about goat husbandry, breeding, various breeds of goats, including dairy goats and their specific needs. We will share fun facts, interesting stories and answer any questions you may have. 


Goats are extremely therapeutic in so many ways! They provide affection, love and comfort to people around them. It is an alternative/complementary therapy and involves interaction with animals as a form of treatment. Animal Therapy has been shown repeatedly to improve feelings of health, wellbeing as well as social, emotional, or cognitive functions.

How does it work? Well, apparently animals have long been shown to increase
1. the “bonding hormone” levels (oxytocin ), 
2. dopamine levels (a hormone and neurotransmitter) 
1. the “stress hormone” levels (cortisol),
2. blood pressure,
and improve PTSD/depression/anxiety treatment regimens.

So, you will enjoy the goat company, relax under the olive trees or pretty much do as you feel - yoga with goats, dance with goats, run with goats and most certainly laugh with goats! You can not be grumpy when goats are around

The Goat Therapy sessions are conducted in the olive grove. The presence of these beautiful olive trees has a soothing effect and definitely contributes to a sense of inner peace.
Mitin Grove is located 20km north of Rockhampton.
Cost $20 per person.
Pensioner and Student $10 per person
Children 14 and under are FREE