About Olive Tree Branches

Olives are slow growing, hardy and able to withstand extreme conditions. There are records of a 6000 year old olive tree growing in Lebanon.  Olive branch has long been seen as a symbol of peace and it was seen as a life giving tree and revered. There are fossilized remains of an olive tree dated 37000BC  . The first known plantation was on Crete around 3000BC – planted by the Minoan civilization.


Mentioned in the Bible as a medicinal herb, olive leaf was believed to be sacred by the Egyptians and was used for the mummification process. It is also in the hands of them that olive leaf tea came into existence as a medicinal drink. Ancient Moroccan people used it for lessening blood sugar. During mid-1800 the herbal infusion was considered as a good option for curing malaria and fever. British people, used to consume a brew of olive leaves for a speedy recovery from various tropical diseases. Presently South Australia, Chile, and Mediterranean countries cultivate this plants.                                                      

Olive trees are millenary plants that have long been associated with positive symbols. Sacred to the ancient Greeks, their branches were fashioned into crowns for the winner of the Olympic games. The olive branch went on to acquire a positive symbolic meaning in the Christian tradition too, representing peace and allegiance. Whichever way you look at it, this humble natural element is a symbol of positivitywhich should never be absent from a wedding reception.


                                                                                          As features in the Country Style.   

Using olive branches as part of your wedding decor is the perfect choice for 2020, as this is the year of minimalism and going green. Give your venue a distinctly Mediterranean vibe: olive branches are both elegant and simple, easy to work into your decor, to give it a unique edge. As more and more weddings seem to go for the olive branch trend, we are discovering infinite ways of using this remarkable natural element to make any venue, both indoors and outdoors, charming and unique.